Visions of the Planet

How do we look at our universe and the planet we live in. Different cultures and different countries bring a lot of different views and religions to teach others. We may not believe in those different ways, but we have to accept the differences of others. This world needs to believe in acceptance of the different values we grow up to learn about. But some times, when we are taught one type of way, we are inundatedb1 with thoughts and values, that destroy the essence of individuality.So we understand beliefs and way of life can be different, and not always are we supposed to think that one way is better then other ways. When we look at someone, we accept them for who they are regardless of the differences we have in our belief. So remember the world and the vision we have today, should never be thought of as a chore. It is the acceptance of us being human, which should be the only difference in our life. A world of harmony is a planet of tranquility. A simple life means just that. No one needs to feel a time of anxiety because of values that is in a disagree. Other worlds will probably have similar ideas, but how it is expressed, is the key on living as a poetic passage of life. Always think, that a vision of today, will not be the vision of tomorrow, as life’s cycle will change the way we see people, and what one learns on truth and serenity in ones heart.


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