May your dreams have ever lasting Serenity

When we dream, we are in a unconscious state of mind. To us it felt real, but the dreams we were experiencing, was a tell tale period on what things are a possibilities. Sometimes things can act out, and seem similar, but we keep on going on, to see the outcome of our dreams. At times we feel things that happen, are like De -Ja Vu. Like it happened, but it truly didn’t happen.A belief of a dream is in a peaceful setting. If we wake up and in a good mood, then we can say our dream was a very nice understanding, that we hope can continue the next night, like it was a sequel. But most of the times, it never does. We can’t put together the same dream over and over on consecutive nights. But the most important part of any dream, is the serenity of a peaceful ora we will have in the back of our minds.serenity


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