A Life As A Writer

In this big world of ours, we call it a globe. A distinction from one side of the eart, to another side of the world. There is a difference of time and culture, and does it make sense to have an open mind to what we see. The shining of this worlds glory. The trees, the seas, and the people that make this world go round, as w know, this world is round nd not square, as one set of people in the early years of civilization thought it was. This brings the meaning on what people think about what this life is all about. There is one group of people in this world, which are the forgotten heros of life. They are trying to make a comeback, as once thought of these people that are sinestor because of their words and beliefs. We are coming of age after a long lapse of moral understanding, on what should be the right of life. Today there are writers with their styles and good strong moral findings, that people are beginning to believe make sense. They are called writers. A true writer will bring out the wisdom of others, so others in this population will see the findings of life.People need to see the inner beliefs of each writer, to see what they offer, so that the world can be a better place for you and me.life and death


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