How light is seen through our soul

We look up above to see a glow from the Sun shining so bright, and we ponder what we are feeling in our souls. A reflection of some bright times that we have experienced in our past, and in the present stage, and what we can experience we hope in our future. We are happy for what we have learned, in which we are building a strong base of character, in our life. We also want to think positive, in any venture we have tried.How are we going to be in time, to know what is in store, as a measure of acceptance on doing the right thing in society. The moment we feel out of place, we begin to realize, something is wrong in our world. We then try to think about, how we are now, compared to how we feel, when we were at peace in our life, when we were in full control. When we become out of sync, we need to look deep down in our souls, to see the light,that brought us to a time of tranquility.All things are noit the same, as well as all times can not be perfect. Deep down we were at peace from our souls, and the light kept on shining bright. Now when the light dims, we know something is wrong. As long as we think about what got us at peace from within our souls, a detour of the light dimming, can be overturned, and get back to the time in our life, when we were at peace in our souls. Remember, that just because the light from our soul dimmers, that as long as we are in control in our heart and mind, we will be able to overcome a disparity, and see the light once again. Never give up hope,just because the light dies. Justfuture think back in our lives, on how we saw the light in our lives, and bring it to our forefront, to once again, to be at peace in our soul.


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