A Tribute To My Parents And My Grandmother

A life is a glorious being Through many worlds we know about. We grow older with wisdom because of people that were in your life. We never forget how special these individuals were, when they were living. Did we learn enough when they were alive, so as we grow older, we can think back about the wisdom we have in our mind. Our parents were so important in our lives. We only know when we have lost our parents, what they were trying to teach us, that we acknowledge, they were understood.We miss our parents when they pass, nd we remember what they were trying to tell us, the value the wisdom, that we can continue on the right path. We all have had a grandmother we could confide in, and learn right from wrong. We respected our Grandmother at times more then our parents, because our grandmother understood more, because they can see the side of our parents, and the siode and love from them being a grand paent. When I decided to write, and show respect and honor to my grandmother, that I selected my first name of my pen name, which is “Mollie”. By doing this, I am giving back honor and wisdom, as my stories I post, will have a reflection on how my grandmother would say things to me, so I can learn compassion, sincerity,empathy and honesty to all that comes along our path. My stories are meant to reflect importance and wisdom, so my fans and followers, can say that they are happy,because they will be part of my story,because the words of acceptance, will be in all our hearts forever.DADS FUNERAL

m,d,and melDADS FUNERALfreida


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