The Wishing Well Of The Night

This is a wish of my life and what I see at night. When I look above into the sky, I see many stars and wonder if there is life on those stars. We wonder to our self on different origins in the solar system, on how life could be, and how different it would be. A wish at night has more Merritt then during the day, as we go to sleep and dream about a unconscious state of mind. How will we survive on a different plane. Will I have neighbors like what I have now. Will families learn to cohabit in harmony, thou we as earthlings will probably be different then them. A new culture of intelligent beings, as we can’t tell if they are human, as we are not sure, if any other planet that can sustain life, considers the people as humans, or an intelligent specie.It is good to dream, but also scary on what can be, without experiencing an alternate life. The wishing well of the night is in all of us, and we feel, or even see, will be different, as no two individuals will think the same.


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