The Wonderfull World Of Color

When we are born, we can’t see anything, and we evolve every day by seeing things for what we can see and understand.We look at all objects that is at our grasps.The feeling to us is puzzling, as we never have experienced them before.How are we to understand textures and colors.Do we think in our minds at an early age what to believe is real, or just an experience to resemble others. We touch things with our little fingers and in our growing minds, and try to figure out if it has an importance for the time being, or to store it in the back of our minds as we get older.When we first begin to see things as they are, and understand the relevance, we then realize it is different in nature. Color is born, and a new world of pretty values. From an early age on, we don’t know what color is, but we are taught what color means. Who makes the decision on how important we consider color is in our life. We know life has differences, and so does color. The value of color is in all of us, and what we interpret about color, is a way of life and a belief, on how we want to understand. Just because there are different colors we see from our own standpoint as we grow older, it is at an early age, that just because a color is not the norm, as there are many colors in the world, that we accept colors for what it is. So its different, but you have heard different is good. So if we every think about color in our life, believe the differences in color, make the world go round, and makes all of our life, just a little extra special.Live life with color, as it will make a world of difference in all our lives, from the moment we accept color.


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