How Important Is A Memory And What It Means In Our Life

Life is so mysterious. We never know when we can cross a path to rekindle a time in our life, when we were younger, that is considered a memory, but not forgotten. This is a path, that brings life to a full circle, and that is considered a breath of fresh air. We never know what is in store for us as we get older, and we want to feel at ease, despite all odds. I can remember joyful times as I grew up, and those days at times, just faints away. We try to think about what we have been through, and to never forget those circumstances.


What is life? Is it an era that we always want to think about? Or is it a period that we try to grasp, to think of times of joy. Many things can be clear to us, and many things, we don’t want to remember. Is this a sign of old age, or just a point of wisdom. Over the years, we go through many stages that cause a reflection of sincerity on our character. We try to think what we mean and what we say, will always show Merritt.


What is a memory? Is is a train of thought, that we try to store in the back of our mind, or is it knowledge of a point in our lives, that we care about.As we get older, we think more and more on those memories from our past, but it is a significant approach to realize, what we been through, especially when we can feel, that it represents joy and sadness. We get older, as a course of a path, that teaches us about life, and how special our life truly is.


To allow these memories to continue on, we adapt to all things that happen to us. There will always be good times in our life, and we have to experience sorrow, thou we may not understand it. This is the way life is. As we get older, our mind and our body, is not like it used to be.We begin to fall apart, just because we are getting older, and this is something we have to understand and accept.We can try to keep a positive stance, so we can delay the onslaught of a disease, that  will eventually deteriorate our life, as we know it.


Ever since October of 2007, there has been a life change, in my ability to function, the way I am used to function. But as a period of my life, it started to go down hill. You see, I was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease, and became 100% disabled. I always have said to myself, that I will not let this Disease, to get the best of me. I believe any debilitating disease, can be delayed, if you keep your state of mind positive. I have been in this stage for about 7 years now, and on 9 medications a day. But the funny thing about life, is you always hear, that you make the best of things.


My health in the last 2 years, now is starting to go down hill fast. I still believe that my disibility is 75% mental, and 25% physical. But at what point do we say, that we can’t think that way any more. I always believed in helping people thru providing resources, for the less fortunate people, and guide them to a group of people that can teach them aboutImage networking, that will lift there spirits, and be a helping hand, when almost, that there is not a chance it will happen.

My character is very resilient, but do to the last few years changing, due to my health, not being the way it was in the past,that I reach out to the world,that I knew, and grew up in, that shows the morality that we care for others, to finally being in a position, that I now need help, so I can continue to provide not only for my family, but to society, that surely needs an individual, that knows what it means, to not only being empathetic, but a kind soul, we all need in life.


I have come down with a leg ulcer on my right leg, that is about in inch now. Because of this, we learned that my blood circulation is getting very bad. I have been to many doctors of late, because they got results back on a stress test on my heart, that I failed. Also my left leg is beginning to tighten up, which is another bad sign. At my next doctor visit, I will learn, what location I will need to travel to, to have a procedure of putting a Stent in my heart. My concern is for my Family, that consists of a wife for 15 years and a son that is Autistic/Adhd, that needs a Father. I fear the procedure, but I need to do anything I can, before I have the procedure, to protect my family, if something goes wrong. I am reaching out to ask for assistance to cover some bills for 30 days, until I can feel, that I can function normally from the procedure. Please feel it in your heart, to do the right thing, and to show that you care.




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