How Special Is An Adopted Grandmother In Life

In life you can get a chance to be a special person in someones life. When a
child is growing up, and looks towards a elder individual to be in there life,
it takes a special person with the warmth of a grandmother, to teach about life,
and how to learn about respect and sensitivity, and to care for someone else,
that might be not as fortunate.

We know that each and everyone of us are taught about life, and to get an
understanding on how to treat others. And to have a special grandmother to
share things with, is a blessing ion a childs existence. My son Jacob is growing
up with not having the opportuity to share things with a family member, that
he can call his grandmother.

But wait, he still is blessed with having a special lady in his life, that he considers
as his Adopted Grandmother. He is greatful, that he can turn to her for wisdom,
and about life’s experiences. Freida Zaner is that such person I am sharing my
story about. You see, Jacob got to know this wonderful woman, as his mother
took care of her.

Frieda Zaner, is nothing like any other type of Grandma he is fortunate to have.
Elizabeth my wife, helped to provide a better life for her, as she has fallin into a
condition know as Muscular Serosis. Freida is in a whell chair, and lives in that
chair most of the day. What my wife Elizabeth has done, is providing a better
then average quality life, as she was considered as Freida’s aide for a few years,

before we moved to Lake City Florida. Elizabeth went above and beyond to have
Freida feel special and wanted, and that she still had a lot to give to others. Jacob
considers Freida as his adopted Grandmother, and I couldn’t of picked a better
person in life to be in that position, then Ms Zaner. We share stories and happenings
over the phone and on a regular basis, as Freida, is such a spcial lady in all of our lifes.

We are about 40 minutes away from seeing her, and now and then, we make a special
trip to surprise her, so she can have a smile on her face. She is that kind of special lady,
and I am very greatful, that my whole family has the blessed opportunity, to know this
wonderful person, and to continue to be a spcial part of our life, as our journey to better
and better things are changing life for my family. Image


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