One person dies and one person lives one person is dead and one person is born

In our souls, we see life as an important part of a plan. We go thru life to learn whats in our hearts.
We show the world, how the essence of ones beliefs, can shine through our bodies, and release the
Ora of passion and integrity. In our life, we guide people to see what’s important in their lives, to
make a difference to society. Expression of relevance, is a tool to help us understand, why we are
on this earth, at this point of time. As each day that passes, we come to a conclusion, that the air
we breath, comes from a far away time, that we want to link our souls, to believe the importance


as human beings, and as a guide to others. We learn why it is so important to reach out and touch
someones heart, so they can see life as it is meant to be. We are born in to life, from loving people.
We also die, when it is our time to continue our journey. How special are we? Why are we here at
this point of time? Is life shallow, because many individuals have lost the path of existence? Every
step we take, is a reflection of what we understand. We always want to take steps, so we can see
the world progressing. Progression is not how we live, but how we communicate to others.


We don’t want to chase people away, but we want people to come close to our hearts. We open the
door in society, to learn values and respect through the windows of our lives. We can only stay born,
if we take the steps of relevance. Let life guide us, let life share with us, and let life teach us, how to
get along with others. The moment we stray away from the truth, is when we lost our ways. If we
don’t find it soon enough, we will end our lives, and die forever, because we are not listening to what
truly matters, which is our existence on Earth. Our souls can only go as far as our hearts let us.


Open your heart to what is important, which is living in harmony with others in this world. We
understand that people are different, we understand that we all don’t have the same beliefs as
well, but what we do understand, is caring enough to communicate to others. Let life guide you
in the right direction, so you can learn that relevance matters, and we all have relevance in our
life, so never disrespect our existence, and the world will be better for it, and content, to allow
life to continue, for eternity.Image


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