Whats the difference between a one sided post and a two sided post

Let me start out by saying that there is a big difference between a one sided post and a two sided post. When somebody posts an article online,like Bubblews, most of the time it is a one sided post. Lets think about this first. What does it mean only a one sided post? The answer is that the person who is putting it online, is telling us his side of the post, and what it means to him, on the details that he wants to show relevance on. Now a two sided post, is a post, when someone wants to show relevance on both sides,so that an understanding can be more relevant. You see, when a writer, and I mean a writer like me,tells a story to have you understand the perspective on the person it involves the story is about, and the objective to that side. A true writer to me, and it should even be more clearly to all on Bubblews, is why write a story, showing one side only. The story is being discounted, with less material that should be in the story. To be an OBJECTIVE writer, you have to show your audience what is meant from the persons perspective on who they are talking about, and your side in regards why their is a difference. So my question to all, is how can a story be either facturial, or show true meaning, if you don’t express both sides. This is a true objective post, and to be a writer with value, you have to have your audience, an understanding, thatto come to an educated decision, you always !!!! have to show both sides. This is the point, of why there is a difference, and I hope by what I expressed here, in this post,makes it clearer, to help you write a better article for all.


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