What is the purpose of a Selfie unless someone has to be vain about REALITY and only show there side and not other sides

Ever since I started writing   I have never been afraid of speaking my mind, when it is relevant, to a post. I shoot from the hip,and go forward,because I am never going to not go over the line,when it is important to all of us,as life is a true identity on a belief, that means more then the post. An earlier post was asked about Selfies, and do you like to take selfies. Well maybe I am from old school thinking, but I also believe in life, to respect, and not show ones pride, is better then another human being. The respect of oneself to me falls by the waistside, as we are never to put ourself above another living being. Society is about being committed to joining our cultures, our beliefs, and our values. So when somebody needs to show a selfie, it means to me, that someone has to be above the rest. We are a melting pot across the world, to join our approach to humanity. One has to approach a meaning, that is objective always. Now I am not against SELFIES,but what I am, is against not being objective, as a writer must always be objective, or they should never write, because it shows a one way path. So to regards to selfies and a post, it should be looked up to be objective with both side of the fences, and not only a one way track. That is the true meaning of a post.


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