What Would You Feel Like When Your Doctor Tells You That You Have Cancer

You have an appointment to see your doctor in 2 days, as a follow up from some tests a few weeks ago. You are not aware of any problems, and if it was something that concerned your doctor, then you would think, that they will call you. Well you are in his office, waiting to see him next. We are waiting pationaly, but a little concerned. As we don’t want to think of the worst scenario. Well you are now going into his office, and they take readings on the pressure, and check your weight, and wait for him to com into the room you are in. He asks how I am doing, and I tell him pretty good, just concerned a little. He says he can understand how I would be feeling. I just got the results from your tests, from last week, and a little concerned. You see I see a few spots on your lungs, and the tests that came back, unfortuantly is leaning toward you having cancer in both lungs. When I heard that, a ton of bricks came over me and I was crying. I just felt like my life was passing in front of me. He then told me, he wants me to start taking certain actions to hold the spots in check. I was just fabigasted, and couldn’t speak. I had to get a grip of myself, as the shock of finding out at age 64, that cancer has come on to me, like my other family members, that died before me. I started chemotherapy the next week, for a period of 8 weeks. We went back to the doctors office, and he gave me some good news. He told me the cancer is in remission. I was crying again, because I didn’t know, what time I had left on this earth. The treatments have to continue for another 10 weeks, and then come back in for updated tests. At this time, I was just totally exausted from the treatments, and what the doctor told me. I went home and ate dinner a little, then I went to bed to end my day. 


Now what I wrote, has not come true as of now, but to point out, at the ultimate time in your life, you can get crushing news, and the bottom line, is that no one is ready to hear news like this. This is an emotional story, because you have to understand that life can be taken away from you, at any given time. 

I hope this story has not show anything other, then show how emotional a story needs to be written. As a writer has to be able to write about anything. I hope you have felt, that emotions and empathy, will always be written by me, to have all understand that we all need to be prepared for any story, that comes your way, by a Natural Write like me.

Source: http://www.shvoong.com/writing-and-speaking/speech/2408231-feel-doctor-tells-canc/#ixzz2tQOwtqYwImage


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