The Meadow Of Red Roses Continues Until We Have Made It To The Magical Land Of Red Roses

A bouquet of roses is so beautiful, as it stands out ,to be given to someone that you care for. You wish for happiness, as you give these roses. The smell of these roses, has an ever lasting aroma of a glorious day . Life is a bed of roses, as we lie down in a fresh meadow. The blooming of a rose, is a start of something wonderfull. We always remember the soft touch of these wonderful red pedals. We walk through the meadows without our shoes, as we glide across these wonderful red pedals. As we continue our journey, we see another meadow of red roses, as the smell is more glorious, then the first medow we saw. We are coming close to the end of our journey, and a third meadow of roses is near. When we approach the third meadow, we glide over the red roses, as if we are flying. The entrance to the garden of happiness, is in our grasp, but only 50 feet away. When we get to the entrance, the lock is made of red ross, and the only thing we needed to do, is turn the key of red roses. As we walk into this magical land, we see all across the land, those red roses are shining with joy. They are so happy we made it, to this magical land, because those red roses have walked us in to a meadow of those glorious red roses, as we finish our journey, to the ultimate land of those red roses.  Image


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