Can You Write a Post for 500 Words

We call our self a writer. Do we know the true meaning of being a writer?
This is my understanding of being a quality writer. First you give freely of
yourself, to your audience of readers. You are a true person, that will always
respect all, to never discount someone, if they don’t understand a post, or an

explanation on paraphrasing an article. To give of yourself, is a phase to have
people explore the essence of your writing style, and to feel that your relevance
has true meaning in a story. I believe that you have to stay focused, but you need
to open your heart, so your audience can be captured, to be drawn into the story.

You see, being a writer, the most important issue to me, is to be able to draw people
into my story, by capturing their essence. When you have an open heart, your audience
can see thru it, to understand better, on what the true meaning of that story. A writer
doesn’t stand still on ceremonies, because we give freely of ourselves, to have our readers

feel special, as they should be. A writer to be good, needs individuals to capture their presence
as being accepted. When ever I write a story, I don’t stand on ceremonies on how large the article is.
When my thoughts are believed to be finished, is then considered as being complete. If you have noticed
when I present an article, that the majority of these stories, are above 300 words.

I believe that any story that needs to be written, should have between 300-400 words, to be complete.
I also believe to link comments on when I post a comment, by not just writing OK, or great post, but a
full paragraph. This is the efficient amount needed,no more, no less. Any amount other then this,
is either to long, or to short. When we review other posts, I just don’t take a middle expression, as being a summary.

You read th story, then you put it into your own words, as a second/or third person guideline. Now as you see,
on what I just discussed in this story, is an abundance of information, but I felt, there could be more, but left the
mind of others, to think, that more details can or should to be used. True as it may be, it is a approach to have
people to know, that more is to com, but left the details on the edge.

Your readers will know, that an internet, should never be considered as being sufficient, as
I always want my readers to be on the edge of their shorts, to wait for more, which I want to
do, as it will always capture an audience for now and in the future. A writer never should
stand on ceremonies, to write just a few words, but to make sure, there is sufficient amount
of words to complete the story.


2 thoughts on “Can You Write a Post for 500 Words

    • There are missing values we see in life. Many writers say that they understand the relevance of someones mind, that they can be in touch to feel what is truly important to our readers. Now I am a Natural Writer, that believes very strongly, to be as empathetic as possible. People will believe more in someone, when they can feel the story is an asset to their life. I have always been very intuitive with people around me. I would like to provide to you the meaning of ones soul, to help anyone, that wants to get in contact, with their beliefs in people, but to feel that, more expression will show a character reference, and an approach to show an audience, on what can happen, when a Natural Writer like me, can do, when I reinforce a strength of being disabled, to turn a Negative into a positive. This is a bio in one of my published site. I wanted to provide to you this, so you can sense my capabilities to write anytime,any place, and any topic.

      About Me
      I will be positive for you and me. A will to concern myself to always be on your side to listen and have patience to understand what you are going thru in life. I have a style in my writing that is a Natural way to bring out meaning and sensitivity. I live in Lake City, Fl. In 2007 I was deemed with an illness of Parkinson Disease and I am 100% disabled. I take 10 medications a day now, which basically keeps me stabilized with my disibility. I believe my disibility is 75% mental, and 25% physical. I will never let my disibility bring me down, but to always stay up to strive for excellence in every facet of my life. Always know, that I will be in your corner for life, if you let me. I keep a positive reflection on my life and with people I associate with. A lot of people are amazed on how I use a directive, and focus on my hobby which is writing. I am being recognized as one of the fastest writers around to take the internet by storm. The months ahead I am going to post many direct posts to show you the truth in how we all have to accept. I never will fluff a story to appease anyone. I am me, very direct and honest. I will never be afraid to post what reality is in our lives, and you will see a measure of my Intuitive approach in stories, and poems I will write. My pen name is “Mollie Strongbloom”

      In closing, I want you to know my strengths, so you can determine, to forward my writings, to benefit others, and I would love to either write editorials, creative writings, and content support for your company. I thrive when I get work, and I am very efficient as well. Just as amazing that I can write, I have written an average of 10-15 articles within 2 days. I am that good, and I feel, that I can provide to your company, a new and exciting writer. Oh I have one more little thought for you, to be amazed. I only started writing only 3 months ago:) Please contact me at, if your input can make a decision to benefit your company.

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