The Emotional Tale Of My Life In The Past The Present And The Future


The other day I was sad. I looked at myself as a 58 year old man, and wondered about my
past life of good times, and my past on bad times, which included the passing of both my
parents, my sister also, and especially my grandmother, that has made me who I am today.
I also look at where I am now in age, and think about 9 years from now. That age of 68, is
when my mother passed on. I do remember my sister dying about 15 years ago, at an early age
of only 42. She died from Thyroid cancer.

She fought it for 2 years, before she had no more fight in her life. All my family members have
died from Cancer, and to date, I am very fortunate, as it has not hit my generation, that I was
born in. Memories have hit me hard, and at times being as emotional as I am, I cry because I am
scared that not because I am going to be 60 years old in two years, but thinking that cancer so
far has not hit my body. There are different views on why I have been lucky so far. One of the
thoughts I had, is that G-D, has a plan for me, and the time of my past, as I took care of my

grandmother, that G-D valued that trait of my soul, and is rewarding me for doing that. The other
thought, was I always worried even when my day was good, my mother has told me. I am always a
thinker, as I do not let people or situations get to me. I am a very positive individual, that has been
reborn by my writing from my heart. This has earned me a new approach on life.. The other feeling
I had, is there is a chance with all the bad conditions, of family passing, that it is possible, it could
of missed my generation.

I wanted to express my emotional truth, to be sensitive and emotional, as I am a straight forward
person, and being real to talk about my life, from a empathetic person, that is not vain, but caring.
This is my life, and I am embracing it with a new vigor, as my life is turning the page, in the next phase
of my life. I love all the people that are in my life now, as I want to give back to the world,how much
I am trying to improve it, by my writing, to allow all to be important part of my life.


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