The Emotional Feeling After Losing A Baby From Your Womb

In life one of the worst feelings a woman can have, is that a
baby is still born. It is a very sad time to be around her, as
she needs moral support as much as possible. We always want
to be on her side, because we care for them so much.

Being a caring individual is important, because what we have
inside us, is something special. It can be known, that life is a
passage. A passage for the next level of emotional acceptance.
When somebody knows, that they can confide in you on emotions

from in their life, change will happen to show that you helped someone
enough to go on in life. Nobody knows why situations come up, and no
one can say that it is G-d’s will. A change in ones inner beings, is based
on values in what you truly believe in. G-d gives us knowledge, and a

direction we need to take. He will nudge us, if we go off track. When I said
earlier, that no one can say it’s G-d’s will, is that life has a purpose in this world,
and so does death. It may not be the answer to consider, but know that there is a
purpose for all of this in G-d’s haven. He cares for all, regardless on what he sees
and feels. He always will be on our side to comfort us, and care for what we go through.Image


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