Why does a child run away from home

In many families there are an between 2 to 3 children living at home.
Most likely the ages will vary, unless they are twins or even triptuplets.
The children are mostly happy, because from the beginning they are taught
to get along together, or they feel comfortable with their sibblings and parents at home.

There are times thou, that something is wrong, and a decision to do something, that
may determine that 1 or more child at home do not want to maintain living in the family
setting. When this occurs, 1 or morer decide that they no longer want to live at home,
and make a decision to run away, thinking that being outside of a family setting, they

would prefer, and run away to have a better life that they think. If they run away, they
don’t use smart decisions, and when they run away, puts them worse off, then before
they left home. There are critical decisions made, that are not in their best interests,
and compound a problem from home, to a different environment thinking it will get better.

There will always be a choice to make, as in some what, they have control of returning
home, or contact parents and say you made a wrong choice in leaving home in the first case.
When children run away, it leaves there parents stressed out, thinking that an accident can
occur, or worse off, that they could of been stold away to put their life in danger.

The only option to advise parents they ae safe or they want to come back home, because
they have made a mistake in their error of judgement and ran awy, without communicating
with the ones that love them. Just remember to always open up if a problem occurs, as you
might be surprised on what can happen to improve conditions at home.


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