What Will Society Be Like In The Year 2050

What Will Society Be Like In The Year 2050 –  

I want to start out by saying that the world ahead, will have
endless possibilities, on improving life, with new advances
on Curing debilitating diseases, and to provide ways of maintaining

a working capital, to sustain life for all, regardless of one’s ability, to
make advances for oneself. The age of Modern advances will guide us
all until we accomplish what is important to all. The internet is going

to change on how we are going to communicate with each other. Video
watches will be a common practice, like having the cell phone age. There
are going to be changes on cell phones, as it is not going to be as popular

any more, because the video watches will take over in the technology age.
In every home, there will be approaching a communication tool, where all
you will need is having a code to put in your wireless TV that is coming as well.

Then all you are going to need is a remote to make a call and talk to your friends or family on your TV. The technology of the future, is going to make things a lot  simpler to effectively communicate with anyone around the globe.

I would love to be in existence when this happens, but all time must come to an end, and I can only wish society, to treat everyone the way life is meant to be. In 2050, I would be 95 years old, but unless within the next 15 years, they have found a solution to reversing aging of ones body, I can only wish, that the future, will be truly excepted, so everyone on earth is considered as equals, or that time, may not be in existence as well.

We need to take steps in society, to protect the water, the land, and the forest, before Global

Warming changes day time into night time , where light will be non existent.There are going
to do a lot again on NASA. Two missions, that are going to happen, will be colonies set up on
Mars, enclosed with Oxygen feeds in each colony. They will do a mission from Mars to Venus.

Another factor thru the “New Globe Exploration Committee” will do an exploration from the
planet Mars to the Planet Venus. They are starting to notch up exploration options, as Mars is
going to be a step to Future missions to many planets.

The new age plan, will start having many explorations. The purpose of doing colonies from
Mars, is to propel themselves to future worlds

+Exploration To Venus
+Colonies on Mars


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