Robin Hood Is He For The Poor Or Is He Actually For Self Gain In Politicaly Being Incorrect for American Citizens As The President – News – Bubblews

Robin Hood Is He For The Poor Or Is He Actually For Self Gain In Politicaly Being Incorrect for American Citizens As The President – News – Bubblews.

Is Robin Hood a fantasy, or is it a person, that takes from the rich, like Barack Obama does from the republicans. I picture Our Democratic president, like Robin Hood. He is always trying to pass a bill to have the rich take part, in providing to the people assistance in America. Being Politically incorrect, the rich as in the republicans are, do not want to show true concern for their constituents in there districts. Once politics takes a bite out of bureaucracy, then all things fall by the waist side, to try to have people believe, that things are normal. Who are they kidding. Do they think politicians are like Mary Poppins, that things will just fly away if they believe hard enough? Because they say so? Hog wash. When will the learn, that the law of averages are on the voters side. If Politicians continue on the path of destruction, that is becoming more and more relevant, then life as we know it, will collapse, and not just here in America. There will be the trickle down theory, and impact the whole globe, and as they see this happening, in the next 5 years, that the financial markets are going to take such a beating, that life as we know it, is going to resemble the soup lines of the thirties. Food is going to be scare, as know one will be able to afford it, and farmers and manufacturers, are not going to have enough
capital, to produce goods. Catastrophic will hit all areas of the globe, and in proportions, that no one has ever experience, will take place. Also in the last few months, the financial industry is examining a fallout, and what it is going to mean for all of us. Me personally, I am dam scared of this happening, especially because I am, and others that are disabled, are going to be hit the hardest, as society, will be in a position as it was in the thirties, that people will be concerned in a manner, to think of themselves more, and throw a bone to the people that are disabled, and impact on being the hardest to being approached. Being a Political Business Law Major in college, gives me an airy feeling on what will take place. What ever you do in society of relevance, make sure to tell your politicians, that you will not stand on principles or party , to make a decision, that will bring the end of politics as we know it. The politicians are going to be put in the same position, if they don’t do things fast, or we will have no choice to throw there (DONKEY) out of office in a second. Now I said my peace, as an advocate for the people, in the stand I will always show, due to politicians, taking for granted who we are, and the power we all have, in being unified for all, in our best interest at heart.


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