The Tree Of Tranquilty


Have you ever wondered what happens to our soul when we go to sleep.

Does it go some where, and come back to us when we wake up, or does

it tag along on the journey we take as my companion. The moment we fall

asleep, we enter into a world of tranquility.


The surroundings we see, allow us to imagine how life is going, and the

existence of our body. Time also comes on the journey with us. As we

gaze onto the horizon, we all see a glow from a spot on the hill, and

wonder what it is.


As we get closer to this glow, it gives off a sound  of joy, that amazes us.

We wonder how this object gives off this sound we  hear. My body and my

soul look at me, as we are intrigued on how this occurs. We wonder if this

is happening, because it came from a higher authority.


We all sit down in the branches of tranquility. All this time we are listening

to the joy of this sound, which has captured our essence. It’s been about 4 hours,

from when we sat down, when we all got hungry at once. We were wondering if

we could be  provided a meal, that would please our stomach’s.


The true identity of this object will come to pass, on the acceptance of our body

and soul waking up. When we lay our heads down to sleep, we never know what

could happen, or know if we will be aloud to experience a measure of joy like this

again. It is now late in the day,when something special happens.


We are so amazed with our eyes opened, what we saw in the tree of tranquility.

A face came to us, and said; why are you here?. We rubbed our eyes in amazement,

because an entity, from the tree of Tranquility talked to us, to ask a question of relevance.

Why are you here? It took a few minutes to  think about why it was so important to take


this journey, without knowing where we were going. A decision came to mind from all of us

coming up to this conclusion on the question that was asked from the entity from the tree of

tranquility. The reason we took this journey without wondering where we would end up, was

because we all needed a direction to find ourself from within, to be at peace, with the acceptance

of life, as the face spoke out to us. At that point, we all looked at ourself, and layed our head down

to rest to ponder the relevance of Tomorrow.Image


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