The Cost Of A Funeral

The Cost Of A Funeral and knowing that life has to end is a sad time for all.
The only thing we know in life, is death and taxes. As time ages, so do the cost of
having to do a funeral. The morbid thing to know, is it cost so much to live, so why
should it be that the cost to die is more. This is unheard of, to feel you are worth
more being dead, then alive. Take into consideration the cost pertaining to do a funeral,
and in the Jewish religion it cost more.

Let me discuss preliminary costs, then going on to a funeral being Jewish. One of the
first few things needed, is to preliminary contact a funeral home on the wishes of the
family, on what to do, when they are ready to die. The funeral home has to have a
Hurst come to either hospice, the hospital, or the home to pick up the corpse. Then the
wishes of getting the body ready for the service. like the deceased can say, this is not
how I want to look.

Well the family wishes are conveyed to the funeral home, and what is being required.
The funeral home at the time of the burial, will take the body to the cemetery, and the
service is handled from there, of unbending of the soil, and lowering of the body in the
casket that has been decided at the funeral home. The costs are adsorb. A standard
funeral at the going rate is about $8,600 now. Like I said before, that you are worthy
more dead then when you are alive.

Prior to a person dying, normally they do a pre option for the plot at the cemetery, so you know where
your lying body will be staying. Now depending on the wishes of a family, and beliefs of having possible
a wake, their are 2 important things that need to be addressed if you are Jewish. First a funeral has to
be done within 48 hours, and a burial can not be on a Saturday, which is a day of rest. The other most
important act to do, is having a Shemira, which refers to the Jewish religious ritual of watching over
the body of a deceased person from the time of death until burial.

One of the hardest thing to do, is sitting for the deceased or having a service for the deceased if
they are not Jewish. In many religions, it is called a wake, and in the Jewish religion, it is called
Shiva. In general what it means in any service, that it is called sitting for the deceased. Now in
the Jewish religion, it is called sitting Shiva. The times have changed to the period of time,
someone needs to grieve for the deceased. In the Jewish religion in the past it was 7 days, the
same amount as if it was a wake. But in the last 20 years, a changing took place in the Jewish
religion, to shorten the grieving time to 3 days only. The philosophy is that it should be shorten,
so the grieving family can go on with their life.


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