Why Can’t We All Live Together In Harmony

This article that I am sharing my views on how society relates
to bad crimes that can be avoided, if we only tried to understand how people
are in life. When we are born into this world, we are merely individuals that
know no boundaries. We are taught to understand what society wants us to
be like, to fit into a role, and to learn to live with all  people.

The importance of teaching others in seeking an identity on what is important
to reflect on how our individual character is being formed. We live in different
parts of a state or country, because it allows us to be happy where we live.
A home is ones castle. So to be able to keep that castle, we have to get along
with people. But that is where it starts a belief of being different.

Why should somebody be not allowed to live where they want. Why do we look
at people because they look like someone  different then us. Or why do we hate
individuals based on religious beliefs. In life, we are all different, and that is a
reason to explore values of every religion, or race, or nationality. There are so
many crimes today, because we are different individuals, that believe things to be better or worse.

The hardest thing a person can be like, is a person that doesn’t believe in respect or dignity.
We value our parents as we grow up, because it is what we are taught from them, on how
we respect another human being. We are all G-D’s children, and we are proud because we
believe in our strengths of  our inner solitude. Then let me ask you all why is there Anti-Sematism in society, or Racial Profiling because we are different by how we look.

What is not as important on accepting life as we know it in today’s standards. Or how we can be so  blatantly offensive because we are a diffrent color of our skin. We are put on this earth to live and learn to be well liked, but not looked as a villin. How cruel can someone be, to offend another  individual’s character, or beliefs. Or a swatzsticker sign on a house of whorship be cause of an understanding on how to live life.

And imagine coming home one day, to see a cross burning on your lawn. Why can’t we all live
together, and not pass judgement, without allowing them to be there to defend themselves.
The whole issue is  about how valuable  we all are. We each contribute in society, and to be
appreciated for what we accomplish. Let life be not forgotten in vain. Be ourselves to be
an issue of importance always.


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