What Is The Purpose Of Us Being On Earth

Why do we as people hate someone because they are different.
Is it not a better thing because we are different, so we can teach
the world the diffrences in our cultures, or religions, or our nationality.
We believe in the higher ups to be true and thankful, for the chance
on being who we are inside of ourselves. Do we not see the true meaning of love.

Or do we not consider that all of us have a purpose on this earth, as part of
being a group of G-d’s children. He is brilliant on his ways to show us all, how
to treat other’s as human beings.. We are put on this earth to do the best we
can do, with guideance from our parents, from our friendships ,we make as
we get older, and the learned values from the person up above called G-d.

He always had a plan for us,from the beginning of time. He stears us in the
right direction as a child that needs to learn values, and that we are human.
That is why as we get older, we turn into being parents, once we get married.
G-d knew what he was doing by the steps needed to be taken at hand first.
He prods us along the way, and gets very disturbed, when one of his children,

strays away from his teachings, or his parents teachings. What went wrong
he asks. Why did my values not reflect a quality as a human being should be
like. He always forgives us for the bad choices we make in life, and there is
never a quota for his acceptance on doing things wrong or doing things right.
History is part of G-d. History only becomes history, by time showing its

face in front of us all. Life is a partnership between G-d, and all his children.
We can’t be parents, if we don’t first learn to be a child. We don’t go directly
to being parents, until we learn the ways of his teachings, and the way a child
developes with having parents, having grand parents, and having especially
him, G-d. Whether you believe in the teachings of christianty, or Judisim,

or Muslems, or just any other religin out there. The point on learning how to
relate to our own religion, is to be able to teach other religions that being different,
doesn’t mean we can’t get along with each other. We as human beings have to go
through stages in our life, to validate our existence. We also can’t rush time, thou
we want to. A belief in quality can only be true, if we let it come in as part of our
character. Society needs to take a step back, so we can teach others, the true
meaning on being on earth for ll of us.

http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20131214/RELIGION/312140010/-1/rss23 By Ronnie McBrayer It is up to all of us to achieve peace

From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20131214/RELIGION/312140010#ixzz2nwIDqVZg


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