What Is The Most Selfless Act That Any Person Can Do In Life

What is the one most enjoyable selfless acts  to do in one’s life. It’s not giving blood
to someone in need. It’s not helping an elderly person across the street or in a supermarket,
and it’s not even speaking to a friend or family member. The one most important selfless act
that anyone can do, is being a parent for a new born child.

Being a parent means to do things for your child without thinking of the consequences that might put  you into arms way. You give of yourself fully, without thinking twice for anything around you, as that new born child is your everything in life, even including your husband. Being parents is not only the hardest thing to do in life, but also the most rewarding thing as well.

G-d has put parents on this earth to give them the nurturing and wisdom to be qualified individuals to raise a child. His presence to be around all the time, reprsents an enpowerment, to let parents thru his guideance, to share the responsibility of doing the right thing in living up to expectancy of being parents.

During the lengthily process of over 18 years, will be reflected on the quality lessons, that they teach that child the right way to be with showing respect and dignity in how they grew up. Also the way to  see life them selves in being a caring individual to all that come across there life to represent there  parents learning of being a complete individual in life.

 G-d is happy when he sees that child grown up to show the world, the reflection of a well rounded  individual. A child that is grown up, is also an extension of one’s parents. The parents never lose site on their responsibility of being parents, even if they move away from the umbrella of his or her parents.

We bring children into life, to be blessed with good fortune, as children is part of a life changing event, that reflects love between to people that are called parents. Even as we grow up from being a child, the respect and dignity they learn up to this point in life, is given back to parents from their child by caring further for them when their parents get older.

Children are not requested to take care of their parents, but the return of ones selfless act, is returned as a cycle of life progresses. That child knows as they grow up, that their parents are not going to be around forever, but to understand that as their parents get older, and unfortunately pass on, that their memories of ones  parents will never be lost Image, but remembered. The cycle of selfless acts are a continued measure
in life, to show people, that there selfless act to care for people will go around forever. 


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