The Emotional Tale Of The Holocust And Why We Should Never Forget

I need to advise  you  before you start to read this article, that you will hear many Atrocities that took place was real, and unforgettable. Understand that the information is going to rock your emotions and your heart, to possibly break due to the events that I am going to focus on. The details I am going to list are going to be real, and that this story is going to represent the lives of many Jewish individuals and the horror of not being able to see their family’s ever again.

For no apparent reason, other then being a JEW. There lives will not have a meaning to it, and the population of  individuals that were Jewish, will be eradicated all over Germany and in Poland.To have a feeling when the Jewish Individuals were rounded up like cattle, that the end as they knew it, was coming very close to an end. They all were feeling lost, families were apart. Woman to the left, and the men to the right, and the children stayed with their mothers.

Imagine how it must of felt being in a box car to be exterminated with either gassing the box car, or having the entire box car inflamed. They knew when being put in those box cars, that their lives were going to end. Any photos they had were in a clenched fist, to never provide the last evidence of family, to the Germans. Imagine seeing a photo for the last time,of the existence of your family.The worst part of the ordeal was walking into the concentration camp
and smelling of the bodies going into the ovens or gas chambers, or having to dig a trench knowing this is where you are going to die.

Also there were times when you had to take a shovel, and take the ash out of the oven, to make room for more bodies  to go in. Or better yet, shaving the skin off the bodies to use the bones in building an outhouse or a barracks. The conditions of the barracks of having over a hundred people sharing only a few beds. It was so bad, that you were only allowed to pee once in the morning, and once at night. There were only 3 stalls built for the 100 people in each Barack. They didn’t even have clean water. They used a filtration system to use the urine, so that they would have some type of water.

There were many concentration camps built, just to house all the Jews coming into them. There were many areas of the camps that showed bodies and bones for all the people to say. They knew, not to open their mouths, or the Gestopo or SS people would shoot them down at a instance. The Germans had even tried to have people tell the Gestopo where the Jews were hiding, which allowed them a small piece of bread, or a few more days to live. The clothing they had to wear, had a big Jewish star in the middle of their shirt.

A lot of things happened, that reflected the mistreatment of all the Jewish population in existence all over Germany and Poland. The causes of all the Atrocities happening was due to a man being very insecure, that the Jews living all over the country were inferior human beings. The insecurities of Adolf Hitler  changing history, will always be a black mark in time.
Lets imagine a time during a century, where being different, meant it was a death wish to be brutishly mascaraed or burnt in an oven, or taking a walk and having to dig your own grave. There were many holes in the ground all over Germany and Poland, with the death of over 6 Million individuals of all ages from being a 4 year old, up to an age of 76. During the time of Adolf Hitler in power, there were places built to hold over 4 million jews, and gas chambers built, to get rid of all the JEWS in several concentration camps. The population in those camps, were looked upon or treated like animals on a farm.

Or imagine to keep on living for just a few more days other then the group of Jews that were led into the gas champers, and life was going to be no more. To keep from dying, so you can live another day, there were many Jews, that had to shave down  human bodies. There will be a video from  Treblinka, one of the  many Concentration Camps housing the Jewish people during world war ll. Also I have furnished a website of pictures from all over Poland, and Germany as well. You have now entered Holocaust Pictures, a site which contains information about the Holocaust during WW2.
There will be pictures from various camps in Poland that were part of the extermination of all kind of human beings. I will also show places that contain nothing, other then wood piles from the torn down gas chambers. The culture that was before the war exists no more. The pictures shows how the camps look like today and among  the pictures is things in places you wont be able to find and see by yourself. I also am providing a book from Dachau at, Please keep in mind, that these pictures are going to be very graphic. I am doing this, so that you can truly see what happened to many Jews at 1 of many Concentration camps built during World War ll.

Also I am going to show pictures of Adolf Hitler, and Schindler, who felt disgraced who was German, where he hid  thoughts and actions, to  saved many Jews as well. Whatever you feel, or believe on the existence of 6 million jews being exterminated, will be layed to rest after seeing the atrocities by the German Regime. Life does go on for a few, where cultures as of today, wants the pictures to tell the story, and to show the existence was true. We as Jewish Americans today, should be obligated and to keep records, to never forget, and to tell the
story for their grandchildren, so it is never forgotten . There are survivors from those times, and it is very important to listen and see what life was about, during the worst time in History that all of us know and remeber.


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