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My Life and It’s Memories


Do you ever think of getting old, and how you will function when you reach a certain age, like 70. You look back at your life and wonder why time has just flew by so quickly. Life as we know it speeds up as we get older. The funny thing about age and getting older. When you are young you say I can’t wait until I am older, so I can do all those things I can’t now(Being Younger) And when we are older we say I wish I was younger again. If being young or being old had a much more significance when re reach that part of our lives, we wouldn’t complain on either being young or older. 

I remembered when I was young playing Little League baseball, and when I got into High School, trying out for double A ball. My favorite past time gave me a chance to have my ultimate dream come true. I was playing Double A ball for the River dale Yankees, and I was so happy, that there was a possibility that I could play baseball professionally. I was in my second year in the minors, when one day I was pitching, which by the way was my position I played, and I went thru my delivery and hurt my tendon and I was in Agony.
The trainer and other players rushed over to me to assist me back to the bench. I knew something was very seriously went wrong . I went to a sports medicine doctor and took ex rays on my lower leg, and he said that my tendon was not strained, but snapped. This I said is not good. To repair the damage that was needed, due to it snapping in 3 spots, meant the healing was going to take a long time and possibly end my career.
The surgery took about 4 hours, and the doctor came back to my room and said, that they were able to connect the tendons, but my playing baseball was all over. I cried for several hours because my dream of being a professional ball player was over. For 2 years after the surgery, and still not recovered, I went back to the doctor who did the surgery, and I had to go back into surgery because I stressed the tendon. He told me after x rays that I didn’t tear them, but only strained them and I had to stay off my feet for 3 months. At this point I was getting disgusted with myself.
I was so down, and didn’t have an interest in doing anything at this point. I was very dejected
After I reached age of 23, I started to feel better about life as I graduated college with a Business Law Degree. The turn of events occurred in the next 7 years until I reached 31, I again was saddened due to the loss of my sister. I was depressed, and didn’t want to talk to anyone and this way lasted for about 7 years. I was alone, didn’t care what I was doing, and didn’t have many friends.
One day when I was about 40, I became a father to a beautiful and lovely daughter. I was on the top of the world for about another 7 years until I got divorced after being married for 18 years. I was in a marriage until I couldn’t take any more Negativism from my wife. Now I got remarried and been married for 14 years. I got a beautiful son to carry my name and my heritage as a Cohen to continue. I just turned 52 a few months ago, when I had to go to a Neurologist. I was having problems with walking, my tremors were so bad and my head was shaking and had a difficult time functioning.
They had done many test, and originally they thought it was a brain tumor, thank G-d it wasn’t then they thought it was Huntington disease, which would cause my death, which the findings do to my heritage from Poland, as I was an Ashkenazim Jew. I was very concerned about that finding. Would have to test my daughter that was older, and my son.
Well one day I couldn’t walk, so they rushed me to the hospital, and had a top notch Neurologist look at my past history, and saw a test that made him feel that previous diagnosis was all wrong. It was Oct. 1 2007 and I had to go back to the Neurologist as some tests came back and he gave me a new diagnosis. He pointed out that what I had was Parkinson Disease. Well I didn’t know enough about it so I researched it and accepted the doctor’s findings. Well I am older now of a ripe old age of 58 and I take 9 medications every day and feel OK.
The progression of this debilitating disease has not kicked in on another level yet. I try to say positive thou I have an illness. My thoughts is that it is 75% mental and 25% physical. The only other thing I knew was to start writing. I always loved to write, but never took the next foot forward. So it has reached this point in my life knowing I am older, having Parkinson Disease, married again, and a 13 yr old that was Autistic .
The most important part of my soul is to stay positive and care for others as this trait will never stop, which I learned from my Grandmother. G-d rest her beautiful soul.


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