How teriffic it is to have a very nice Brother-N-Law.It is so fantastic,when we find out that there is an extention to our family.

One day as time has given us a chance to explore an avenue, we are in amazment, that a new chapter is being developed in a family. We accept the new relationship, that developed a blessing.

It comes to light, that in communucation with a sister, that an extension to a lost brother. With appreciation from 2 sisters in a family, that now a lost brother has come to light.

The family is given an opportunity to become a little bigger once again.We want to acknowledge , and with great joy the two sisters and a brother are back together.

An arangement between my new Brother-N-Law and myself,coordinated a family gathering between a individual that is now a new link in our lives is formed.

I look above in the sky, to see see a rising star,for us to see forever and ever.


We are all human


When we are born into life’s prescess time, we never know what is in store for us. We are supposed to absorb everything that comes our way. Sometimes we can project an appearance of bliss, and sometimes we experience heartache and dispear.


What we all have to realize, is that we are  all human. We don’t  understand what our perception is to be, or going through the right channels, to approach life as a human.


They say in life, that as humans we make mistakes, and we should never pass  judgement,if who we meet is different based on there perceptions. Life is very valuable. And we all need to advocate our own beliefs, if it will help others to go down the path as a human


With the new times we are living through, it should be brought to everyone’s attention, that thou we all are different in nature, we still are human.


The experiences of today, will allow us to pass down to others generations, the wisdom on why we should reach out to others,so we can teach others, of knowing we will always be considered as human, because this is why we live.

How do we know if we are wrong with our choice

Do you ever feel,that we have made a mistake in our life? Can you see things clearly, by us experiencing good and bad elements, we have lived through?

Every time we go down the road, we wonder if we have made the right choice in whatever we do. The option on the right, and the option to the left.

Sometimes we make mistakes, but it is not bad we made that mistake.Whether it is do to our age, or whether we feek less confident,when we make the right choice.

We are all human,and how do we learn in life,if we don’t make mistakes. In life, we are not right all the time, so if we do something wrong,don’t let it control you, by the decision you make.

Wisdom is the essence of acceptance. The more we learn, the less we will make a mistake. The time we have lived, will be the ultimate knowledge in us living the life we want.



In our garden of flowers,we look to the blossoming of the eclusive Rose. We see the pedals of our dreams,to wake up to blossoming of our ideas.

Each of our ideas on what we should see, will reflect on when the time is right, to show itself. Each color that is shown,will symbolize, the freshness of our inner aoul.

We wonder, when the flower, will show shine very bright,as we collect the wisdom, as time continues.At the most blessed time in our lives.

The Rose relates to being special,and we learn from each pedal(Time Periods),that we have the education,to make rhe right choice as we get older.

Each decision we make, comes from our heart,to accept the value,that we have experienced, as we travel down the path we call life.

Remember the next time you see a Rose, you think about each pedal on the
flower, to reflect the pedals as periods of time,that we have lived.

Our lives will be Relevant



Religion is based on who we are and where we want to be.To me being Jewish, allows my most inner thoughts to come out and reflect an identity,that believes in respect and dignity.

Why do we think so much? A true heart, is the openness to shine from our souls. The warm feelings of helping others, is inherited for quite a very long time, because it is our heritage to do so. There is a reason we are Jewish.

We have a purpose in society,to help our brothers and sisters.The true belief is a  world of knowledge. What better way to be,but to give a reason to make people smile, and to have a good feeling, that we share from within.

Believe in wisdom and knowledge, as we share the belief of humanity. Our souls will intwine with society, because it is our heritage to go on and make the world a better place to live in.

Do you believe people have a different view on life

One of the most important entities, is life. Life can be reflected in many values, and should always be appreciated. We can strive for good ft ortune,and fall from grace as well.

Now lets think on what we see from our own perspective. We always see things that develope from our own eyes,which show the most relevance. Also we see life in a different value from others.

The key issue, is to always allow others to give there opinion , so you can see the variations of understanding others,because many people have their opinion on values.

This month of Janurary, is a new beginning of the year of 2016.Lets all show more compassion to others, so that all cultures in what ever they are, learn to care more for their brothers and sisters, no matter whete you live.














The Branches Of My Life

In life we are on a large stage to show the world what we are made of.We try many things that people feel are helpful,and evolve into a sacred value. Not everyone creates a plan for there future,as many individuals take the approach as a will see venture. They say a plan is a thought out process,but the acceptance changes many times,because we are uncertain what will be. A goal in life is to follow a road to a new horizon of ambition. We don’t know what the conclusion will be, but we will be trying over and over again until we do it right.Along the way,we will meet many trees that stand still and listen to what is relevant. One day we will see a branch fall off the tree,and reflect a wisdom that we have found our way. As more branches fall off the tree,we have learned about knowledge and wisdom ,so we are reassured our decisions were made properly,as the mistakes on our path are getting more familiar,that inconsistencies are beginning to fade away. We have reached a point of the many branches that have come off our tree,and our soul following a way for our complete solitude of who we are.

When we continue on our path as we get older,that more branches fall off our tree until we realize what this path is all about.The knowledge we have absorbed, is a way of reflecting the experiences that we have passed through until we find out , that oue life has meaning. Society looks at individuals as what we have accomplished,but never about the branches that fell off in our path we traveled. The purpose of using a tree and its branches,is to look at our self on having an identity,and see that each branch is part of us growing up to learn about wisdom,and the understanding and acceptance of deciding what our best options are, as we get older.As adults, we don’t realize or assume that we have all the answers,and each time a branch falls off the tree, we realize the significance that we shaped in our life throughout the years,that we are accepted on who we are and what we are as individuals that have made a statement of importance. Each branch is a step that we traveled through. Sometimes we make the right step and we are able to continue our path, and sometime we make the wrong step, and we are faced with stopping our journey. Always remember that if we have to stop in our tracks,that we need to think about who we are, and what we are, so you can be at peace with your life.